Book Review: Bellwether (1996) Connie Willis

Bellwether(1996) Connie Willis


Well this is easy. Connie Willis is one of my very favorite authors.  I stumbled upon her when I found To Say Nothing of The Dog.  It was a real gem.  Full of the fun of time travel and a little bit of a love story.  Then on to the Doomsday Book, Blackout, and All Clear.


Bellwetheris not in this time travel series.  Fear not – it is still in the “fun” series.  Dr. Sandra Foster is a researcher for Hi-Tek company where she is studying fads.  She wants to find the origin of fads such as hair bobbing.  The goal is a serious one – if you know what causes fads maybe you go prevent the toxic ones from happening.  The whole thing is a take on Robert Browning’sPippa Passes(Check it out).  The Pippa in this book is a glorified mail clerk named Flip who unconsciously drives the plot.  Meanwhile “Love is in the air” between Dr. Foster and her colleague Dr. Riley and a flock of contrary lambs. I can be pretty cynical but not with Connie Willis who is the real deal.  Very thoughtful, put together stories that combine a bit of sci fi, some great characters, and a lot of fun. Do NOT stop!


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