Book Review: Reboot (2013) Amy Tintera

Reboot   (2013)   Amy Tintera


Reboot (or is it Reboot 1?) is a variant zombie story.   The virus that brings people back does not necessarily create a zombie however.  In this book, a super human is created.  Stronger, faster, super healing.  The only thing that stops them is a severe brain trauma (like a bullet).  The longer they are dead before they “reboot”  the more powerful and less human they are.  Are hero,  Wren 178, was out 178 minutes before rebooting.  Her paramour, Callum 22,  only 22 minutes.  HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation)  owns the reboots and uses them to police the remaining humans (After the Human vs Reboot war).   HARC is experimenting on the below 60 Reboots essentially turning them into real zombies who want to eat humans.   Callum is one of these so Wren plans an escape…..

Interesting twist on the zombie story that is everywhere right now.  Of course it is the start of a series.  Hopefully,  there will be some surprises – but do not hold your breath.

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