Super Sales on Super Heroes – 2 William D. Arand

Super Sales on Super Heroes –  Book 2(2018)

William D. Arand


Creative title – “Book 2”.   I liked “Book 1” a lot but had a problem with the slavery theme.  Fortunately Arand goes a long way toward getting rid of that in this book.  A lot of the book is a rehash of the first one.  He develops the Andrea / Myriad character much more in this book. We also learn more about Miu.   She is insane and jealous of anyone who cares for Felix.  She kills Andreas over and over.  Fortunately they have amazing recovery skills.  In this book we see Felix run for governor and we meet Skippy from Skipper City.

We finally see Felix the CEO thrown into a desperate situation when he must survive without all of his entourage.  I found this the most interesting part.  Of course, there will be a “Book 3” (come on William!).   I will read it whatever it is called.

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