Dark Run (2015). Mike Brooks

Dark Run(2015)    Mike Brooks


Icabod Drift is a blue-haired Mexican Captain of the Keiko.  His crew of misfits includes Jenna McIllroy, a stow-away-turned-ship computer tech; Apirana Wahawaha, a massive Māori fighter; Micah van Schaken, a former mercenary; Jai and Kuia Chang, respectively the Keiko’s pilot and mechanic; and Tamara Rourke, Drift’s second.

Icabod is blackmailed into dropping off a package at a certain place and certain time that ends up being a nuke.  Then the fun begins.  How does Icabod get revenge for this? This book one of a series.  Book 2 is Dark Sky –  A good sequel and a guilty pleasure.

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