Book Review: The Perfect Mile (2004). Neal Bascom. – Roger Bannister, John Lady, and Wes Santee and the 4 minute mile.

The Perfect Mile (2004) Neal Bascomb


With the passing of the great Sir Roger Bannister I highly recommend this terrific book about the great completion that occurred at that time between Englishman Bannister, Australian John Landy, and American Wes Santee. They were all amazing, breaking the 4 minute mile on cinder tracks with lousy shoes and antiquated training methods. Anyone who gripes that they can’t do something because they don’t have a nice enough _______ (fill in the blank) should read this book!   I wonder what these guys would have run with 2018 shoes, tracks, and training.

Roger Bannister gave up competitive running to had a long esteemed career as a physician.   What an example of a fine human being.T

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