Book Review: Waking Gods. (2017)

Waking Gods (2017) Sylvain Neuvel


Well I guessed Giants Awake so not that far off. In this – Book 2 (of three?) – we find that the aliens come in 13 robots and rain havoc on the Earth. Death rays and death fogs which kill off two of my favorite characters.   Rose Franklin was brought back at the end of the first book and spends a good part of this one trying to figure out who she is. Mr. Burns makes his reappearance at the Chinese Restaurant giving out his riddles. The answer is Kung Pa Chicken. The ending is pretty flakey if you ask me. I won’t give it away but it seemed more fantasy then SF to me. The third (hopefully final) book will hopefully tie up some loose ends. What will the title be? Napping Alien? I do enjoy the characters in this series and I like the way the plot is delivered in a series of reports etc. It makes it worth putting up with the strange plot twists.

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