Book Review: Sleeping Giants (2016) Sylvain Neuvel

Sleeping Giants (2016) Sylvain Neuvel


An interesting SF concept – Aliens leave a weapon on Earth that we recover and learn to use – NOT. OK, Pretty overused concept but I really like this book. Kara, the tough soldier who is also vulnerable, Ryan, also a soldier who is in love with Kara (bad idea), Vincent, the reluctant hero, Rose Franklin the loving boss, and Alyssa the psychopath.   Oh wait, there is also our guide – the man with no name. There is also the giant (20 stories) high weapon that brings these people all together. Basically, they find pieces of this giant robot machine buried all of the earth 6,000 years ago. Only Kara and Vincent are able to drive the thing. Oh, did I say it is invincible. Also, the aliens who built it are watching and judging us to decide if we should be annihilated.  It is ripe for a sequel – Maybe Giant Awakes? We’ll see.

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