Channel Blue (2014). Jay Martel

Channel Blue (2014) Jay Martel


Perry Bunt is a screenwriter / teacher at a local community college. Through ineptitude and bad luck his career in screenwriting is washed up. One of his students – Amanda Mundo – catches his eye because she is lovely and encourages him. When she leaves her coat in class he follows her to her work place and finds out she is actually a producer for Channel Blue, which runs the planet Earth asa reality show for aliens. She had sat in on Perry’s classes to get ideas for storylines because the ratings for Earth were so bad that cancellation was in the plans. Cancelling the show means destroying the Earth in one last ratings-busting Grand Finale. Perry and Amanda try to save the Earth and themselves by getting the ratings up. Along the way they meet G.O.D. and Satan along with Elvis – none were who we thought they were. Does Earth burn or do they save the day? Is this book a comedy or tragedy? This book has been compared to Douglas Adams – I’d say maybe Adams-Lite. But hey that is still pretty good.

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