Playing Through the Whistle (2016) SL Price

Playing through the Whistle (2016) SL Price

What do Mike Ditka, Henry Mancini and Darrell Rivas have in come? Their hometown of Aliquippa Pennsylvania. Situated west of the Ohio River very close to the Ohio Border I visited and heard about Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Monaca Heights and New Hope throughout my childhood. My grandfather work in J and L Steel on and off for 50 years. Price does a great job of describing the community that developed around Jones and Laughlin (J and L) Steel. He not only follows the rise, fall, and rise of Aliquippa football but also reviews the labor and race relations that I remember my grandfather talking about when we visited. It is a unique place that seemed to develop tough and unique characters. It is a super book!

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