New Pompeii (2016) Daniel Godfrey

New Pompeii (2016)   Daniel Godfrey

New Pompeii

Book One (Of at least two) in a series where the people in Pompeii are saved from Vesuvius by transporting them to present day. The company that accomplishes this, NovusPart, is the product of three college friends. The catch is that people cannot be transported from a point less than 30 years in the past. In addition to Pompeii the device can be used to remove anyone who gets in the way. Which is why Nick Houghton (Roman History Grad student) wonders why he was not transported along with some friends when they stage an attack on NovusPart. It turns out he is integral to the action that takes place in New Pompeii and the control of the NovusPart Device.   Meanwhile a woman who was transported as a potential threat to NovusPart drops out of time at the wrong place giving her the chance to turn the tables on the founders. Check out book two – Empire of Time.

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