The Chemist (2016) Stephenie Meyer

The Chemist (2016) Stephenie Meyer


Alex is a physician who was recruited to become a torturer for some unnamed government agency. She is very good. Instead of popping off fingers with pruning shears (although she can do that) she uses drugs to create even more pain. Fortunately for us (the tax paying citizens) she does this to protect us from evildoers. Unfortunately for her, the agency she works for decides she knows too much and trys to kill her. She has been on the room for a few years and is offered the chance to come in out of the rain and do one last case. Some nice teacher from the DC area is actually planning to release a lethal virus in the US. As she is torturing him for info his ex-CIA agent twin brother (yes – so soap-opera) comes to rescue him and now we are off to the races. Have no fear as it all works out in the end   -unbelievably so.

It was a fast read and sort of lightweight.   I am not sure that I can recommend it except to diehard Stephenie Meyer fans.

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