The Delirium Brief (2017) Charles Stross

The Delirium Brief (2017) Charles Stross

Delirium Brief

Another story from the mind of Charles Stross and “ The Laundry”. That weird pseudo-department in Britain where the truly strange stuff that is trying to take over our world is taken care of.   Our hero, Bob Hero, is also the “Eater of Souls” and is not living with his wife Mo O’Brien who is an auditor for the laundry. However, they still work together and must to solve the biggest threat yet – The UK beauocracy which is trying to dismantle the laundry at the same time that parliament if being over run by mind worms sent by the “Sleeper”.


Overall a little more detailed then some of the past books by Stross. I enjoyed it a lot and cannot wait for the inevitable next book. Too many loose ends that need tidied up…..

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