Assassination Generation (2016) David Grossman

Assassination Generation (2016) David Grossman

Assassination generation

Preachy, pretentious, self indulgent and probably right….

Probably need an antidepressant before and / or after reading this.

The premise is that our media culture of movies and video games predisposes our youth to violence. Makes perfect sense. How can you spend day after day exercising virtual depravity without it affecting you mind and soul.

The solution is not so easy. Shouldn’t parents control the media, books, movies, TV, video games that their children consume? Sure. Unfortunately, they don’t have access to their own children all day every day and most eventually cave in. So, is the answer mass governmental control of this material?

I don’t know. Read it and decide for yourself   – take a Prozac first – its pretty depressing stuff.


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