City of Blades (2015) Robert Jackson Bennett

City of Blades (2015) Robert Jackson Bennett


This story begins five years after the action in City of Stairs. Shara Komayd plays only a small, distant role in the book. Sigruid plays a significant, if somewhat unsatisfying role. We are introduced to his daughter. The lead character in City of Blades is General Turyin Mulaghesh. The action takes place in the continental city of Voortyashthan. While a harbor is being built in the city to increase trade a new ore is found with remarkable – if not miraculous – properties. Here we go again…   Bennett does much more than concoct a tale about long gone Gods who still have an effect on the present. He brings a complex character like Mulaghesh alive through her back story and the choices she makes throughout the plot. She is truly a much more interesting character then one would have thought from City of Stairs.

I found it interesting that the figure of the giant monstrous “mother” again echoes so similar to that seen in American Elsewhere. Bennett must have some sort of mother concept. Sigruid is apparently featured in the City of Miracles climax which I am looking forward to. This book leaves him on the run.

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