Killing Titan (2015). Greg Bear

Killing Titan (2015) Greg Bear


This book follows – War Dogs. Our hero, Skyrine Michael Venn, is back on Earth after getting exposed to Green “Ice Moon Tea” in the ancient artifact – The Drifter on Mars. It left some of his comrades as black ice.   But not Venn and not DJ. Now Venn can hear one of the former comrades as well as the bug Karnack – ancient storage of bug knowledge.

As he is getting interrogated and about to be executed for what they think he knows about the Antags, the gurus and what this war is really all about – he is swept back to Mars and on the Titan where he learns more. Finally he must make a decision about who he trusts. His fellow Skyrines and their puppet-masters – the Guru’s? Or the Antag female that he mind melds with and who together receive tantalizing information from bug Karnack.

I like the first person narrative. It makes it more real to me. Although, a bit hard to follow some times. Reminds me a little of of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War.

Next up:  Take Back the Sky

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