The Jesus Cow (2015) Michael Perry

The Jesus Cow (2015) Michael Perry

What is the secret to a happy life?


Wait for it…


The answer (according to our Hero, Harley) is:


Low Overhead.


And so it goes in the Garrison Keillor-ist tale of Swivel Wisconsin and factory worker, volunteer fire department member, gentleman farmer, bachelor – Harley. Who one Christmas eve is the recipient of a calf with the likeness of Jesus Christ on its side. Big trouble he thinks. Sure enough Big Trouble ensues. As well as some much needed shaking up of the town of Swivel. From his friend Billie to the town bully – Clute Sorenson –   people and things change due to this ill-fated calf.


Most books – I think “why are they making these choices? It doesn’t make sense.” Perry constructs a plot where I can see each choice that Harley makes and why it makes sense even though it seemly leads to more trouble. Like Keillor, Perry steers (get it “steer”) clear of the truly tragic and of course everything turns out in the end.


Did you doubt it?


This is must read for Lake Woebegone fans.

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