Risk Taking Strategies in the Multiverse

I have recently read two books about multiple universes / dimensions. The first is American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett. A SciFi / Fantasy / Horror story. The second is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Theoretically, if there are multiple versions of each of us throughout the multiverse we can take BIG risks and yet have another chance. What freedom! I think I will try base diving tomorrow. In American Elsewhere some of the characters just blew their brains out to reset in a new body. In Dark Matter you just take another ride in the “Box”.

But Wait – In Dark Matter when Jason 1 meets Jason 2 they are not too friendly. Jason 2 can’t understand that. He focused on the research to develop multiverse travel while Jason 1 fell for his true love and had the perfect family. Now Jason 2 wants them to switch- You get your cake and eat it too. What could be better?

I think the lesson of the multiverse is that you are born into this world alone and you go out of it alone too. Just because someone is your duplicate does not mean that they are you (according to these books). Unless there is some sort of hive-like connection that brings all of the versions together we are ultimately just individuals. We are not some sort of giant amoeba of a multiverse being.

So until the next multiverse book comes out and tells me different I am going to try and steer clear of of any other versions of me. Let them stay in their own universe.

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