“Tunnel” / “Either Way” Trails – Alum Creak – 14 cold, snowy miles!

I call the part of the Alum Creek Trail System that runs West of the Reservoir and South of Howard Road –  The Tunnel trail since it goes under route 36/37.  The final loop has a sign that says” EITHER WAY” and I call that the “Either Way Trail Loop” (3 Miles) until someone finds a better name.  The total lollypop trail is about 14 miles.  The day I did it the temperature was 8 degrees F and there was a layer of snow on the trail.  Hard to make good time but very pretty.  The temperature was not a problem as I removed my gloves after the first 2 miles.  Below is a condensed version of the run.  See individual parts 1 – 5 to get more detail.

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