Greatest Jeopardy Champion: Ken Jennings or Brad Rutter?

I knew you wanted to know!

Brad Rutter played Jeopardy in 200 and retired as an undefeated champion after 5 games (the rules at that time).  He then participated in a number of Tournaments of Champions , eventually winning 19 games and $3,100,000.  He holds the record for most money won on a game show.

The Jeopardy rules were then changed so that Ken Jennings could go on and win 74 games before his final defeat (H & R Block!).  He eventually won $3,196,300.

Jennings and Rutter played  (and lost to) the IBM computer Watson in in 2011.  Jennings was second and Rutter was third.


Finally, in 2014 in the Jeopardy Tournament of the Decades Rutter beat Jennings in a 5 week tournament. The winning “answer”  Two Secretary’s of State separated by 160 years who were unmarried. The winning “question”?  Who are Rice and Buchanan?


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