OSU joins long line of victims for U Conn women losing 82 -63 as Samuelson rolls

OSU loses to U Conn by 19 after being behind only 6 at half time.  They were crushed in the 3 rd quarter as U Conn scored 30.  Katie Lou Samuelson scored 26 and Napheesa Collier scored 27 for the Huskies.  The big differences were 3 point shooting (27% OSU vs 42% U Conn) and turnovers (19 OSU vs 13 U Conn). Kelsey Mitchell had 19 points in the first half but only 4 in the second for a total of 23 and a 3/13 rate for 3 pts.  OSU needs to find a remedy for Samuelson – no one else has.

ESPN Recap

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