LeBron James at OSU? A dream (for OSU) or a Nightmare (for LeBron)?


LeBron says he would have played at Ohio State  – If he had gone to college.  A big IF.   In 2003 when King James was drafter by the Cave OSU was about to start what would become Jim O’Brien’s final year of coaching at OSU.  They had a losing record and finished 9th in the Big Ten.  The team had some good players:  Terrence Dials, Tony Stockman and the older Sullinger (JJ – Not Jared).  The big man was senior 7 footer Velimir Radinovic.  The question is whether a single player of Lebron’s caliber could have turned this team around?  Further –  could Lebron have recruited other top players to come to OSU.  If Thad Matta been here would that have made a difference –  doubtful.  In the end we can just play the game of “what if”.  Until then we can just enjoy LeBron showing up at OSU football games and dream.

GTY 625900036 S SPO FBC USA OH




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