OSU loses in OT to Florida (Atlantic that is…)

Ohio State blows another big lead and loses in OT to a poor Florida Atlantic (now 3-5).  The real Florida is battling Duke tonight –  Thank goodness we don’t have to play either of them –  Oh wait we play Connecticut this weekend. Our offense was miserable with FG% at 42% and 3pt% around 30%.  That didn’t keep us from trying.  Marc Loving had a mediocre game after several good games recently.  The only bright spot was Trevor Thompson would had 16 points, 7 rebounds and 1 block.   Definitely NOT an Amir Williams clone.  Maybe the team is just concentrating on finals and they will bloom in the Big Ten.  Matta is master at getting teams to play their best at crunch time at the end of the season –  lets hope it works this year.


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